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I signed up with Energy Plus Holdings LLC, which is an electricity supplier that started up in 2007. They promised me some cash back from my electric bill and a 25 dollar fee for joining on with them.

The first month electric bill was the highest I ever received! It was 50 percent higher although I used LESS electricity than the previous month. I am calling today to get out of it. DO NOT SWITCH TO THIS COMPANY NO MATTER WHAT!

THe internet is full of posts regarding this company.

ALL are very negative. Some people report being charged triple the going rate.

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My name is Greg Blankinship, and I am a lawyer investigating potential false advertising claims in connection with Energy Plus. If you purchased electricity from Energy Plus and would like to discuss your legal options, please contact me:


Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz, P.C.

1311 Mamaroneck Avenue

White Plains, NY 06831


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